Working Together Counts

Working Together Counts


If you wanted to know what the key to small business success is, it’s effective teamwork. With families it is no different.  We, at The Golden Ox know that teamwork, family and everything combined together brings great joy and success. One of the positives for the business is the transfer of knowledge and experience that comes down through the generations, providing the business with management who have an inherent understanding of how the business functions and why it has been successful over such a long period of time.

As owners Nick and Virginia along with son Head Chef Peter Tzimas have made The Golden Ox what it is today. Peter has worked in all facets of the business including bar management, front of house and events coordination. Having shown a high level of talent and passion for cooking he has been extremely successful in his position in the past few years as Head Chef, winning a number for awards.

Together, for the last three and a half decades we have committed to keeping our restaurant and function centre, a family owned and operated business. It’s taken a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication. Each facet of the venue is overseen by a family member:- Virginia circulates on the floor of the restaurant and function rooms; Peter handles kitchen operations and Nick oversees the business. Each member of the family contributes a different talent or skill.

To add another dynamic we have hand selected members of our team. Now, they say you can choose you friends, but not your family… but we’ve managed to adopt members of The Golden Ox team into the family. Our team members have been supportive over the years and have been very loyal. We all have the same mentality and commitment to the business and together work towards the same goal… Happy customers!

As our Golden Ox family grows by adopting new family members it only strengthens our team. Which is why we are renowned for the high standards through numerous industry awards including Quest Business Achievers, Australian Bridal Industry Awards for Excellence and The Courier Mail’s People’s choice Awards.