Winter Warmer Menu – Food To Warm The Soul

Winter Warmer Menu – Food To Warm The Soul

Queenslanders love to repeat the joke, “I remember winter last year… it was on a Wednesday”. It makes us giggle every year when it’s recycled by someone, usually on Facebook, and it is quite close to the mark. We do experience a seasonal change, maybe not like our Southern cousins with their freezing temperatures and snow fields, but the weather does turn cooler and we need to warm our hearts and bodies. Excitingly this means we get to enjoy meals such as hearty soups, casseroles, hotpots, roasts and curries. Not to mention desserts such as warm apple pie with piping hot custard.


And if you feel hungrier as winter draws near, don’t worry you are not alone! Even though most of us spend our days in climate-controlled offices and homes, our appetites seem to change when the days grow shorter. Some researchers say it’s our primitive impulses prompting us to stockpile calories for the winter ahead. Or some people call it putting on their “winter coats”.


The team at The Golden Ox Restaurant has welcomed the change in season by introducing their ‘Winter warmer’ menu that is sure to comfort the soul! Make sure you are following us on social media to catch a glimpse of these new and exciting dishes.


Click here to view our special new Winter Menu at The Golden Ox

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