Wine Degustation Dinner – 29th April 2016

Wine Degustation Dinner – 29th April 2016

Wine Degustation Dinners are always classic events at The Golden Ox, and always provide our guests with lots of joy and happiness. We love to make sure every one of them is unique and fun for everybody. Our five-course spectacular on the 29th of April was the first of the exciting year, and definitely the first of many to come.

Our Head Chef Shannon Farmer had designed a spectacular five-course menu to accompany five delicious and decadent Bay of Fires and House of Arras Wines. The wines were prepared by House of Arras Winemaker of the year, Ed Carr, who received the same title four years in a row. Shannon and her team worked hard in the kitchen to prepare the five fabulous courses that our guests would enjoy throughout the evening that would perfectly compliment the wine.


Our rooms were set beautifully by our events co-ordinators Virginia and Lauren, who both took time to delicately decorate the room to suit the mood of the night. The elegantly packaged wine bottles allowed each guest to get to know the flavours and brands that they would be drinking throughout the night.


House of Arras expert Nick Hoffman came to the event to speak about each wine before every course was served, and interacted with guests by playing a game of trivia that ensured lots of laughs and prizes to be won.

Each course was served, including the incredibly popular New Season ½ Shell Hervey Bay Scallops with corn puree, truffle mayonnaise and micro herbs that was accompanied by the Bay of Fires Pinot Gris. Each guest was delighted by the balance and flavours that the dish brought out of the wine and vice versa.




Guests mingled happily and enjoyed each other’s company as the celebration of great food and wine continued throughout the night. New friends and connections were made, and old friends became closer by bonding over the finer things in life.

For our fourth course we had delicious succulent Toowomba Ranges 120-day grain fed Sirloin served with crushed desiree potatoes, kale, smoked tomato salsa and bordelaise that was paired with the brilliant sweet Bay of Fires Pinot Noir.


We’d like to say a big thank you to our hardworking and passionate Head Chef Shannon Farmer and her dedicated team for all the preparation and wonderful work that was put into the fabulous night. Thank you to our event co-ordinators Virginia and Lauren and everybody who worked the floor that night. And of course, a great big thank you to our guests for their constant love and support, we could not do it without you.

While these events occur, we always remember exactly why we love to host them so much. Seeing the smiles on our guests faces and the way food and wine can bring people together is always so heart-warming, and we wish to continue doing so for many years to come.

We hope for many more events like this in the future, to make sure great food, wine and culture is always kept alive and well around us.