Wedding Menu, Buffet-Style

Wedding Menu, Buffet-Style

So far, in our series about planning a wedding menu, we have looked at cocktail party-style receptions and sit-down, plated affairs.

The third menu option is a buffet, which is making a real comeback. This is because the variety is greater so brides and grooms don’t have to worry about who likes what.

A good buffet can have at least 10 choices plus salads and desserts, which means there’s a very good chance everyone will like something!

You might have some cold dishes but most are hot. Depending on your budget, you might want to include seafood — maybe prawns but ensure they’re fresh and Australian. You don’t want to provide farmed seafood for your guests.

Chicken with different flavours and roasts of beef, lamb and pork are usually included. With roasts, it’s important they are carved as guests come up to the buffet. You don’t want it all pre-carved, because the meat will dry out as the juices drain away.

Ask the venue to mix up the meats for variety and to present dishes at different heights to make them look more appealing. Condiments are important and there’s a growing trend for venues to puts signage in front of each dish.

Next week, we look at the emerging trend of food stations.

– By Nick Tzimas and Peter Tzimas