Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is a cause for celebration, love is in the air and one of our favourite things to share and express is the celebration of love and romance! Our kitchen and floor team, along with Nick, Virginia and Lauren have been working hard in anticipation for this day, making sure to perfect the dinner for each and every guest as a Valentine’s Gift from us to them.


Our wonderful team worked tirelessly throughout the day, setting up the table arrangements and making sure every candle was lit to create the most romantic atmosphere for the night. Rich red satin decorated the restaurant, as its smooth and silky texture paired flawlessly with the dimly lit candles, forming a warm glow within the restaurant.


Couples and loved ones began to arrive, as they made their choices on our menu, specially crafted by our chef Shannon Farmer. There was Mooloolaba prawn martinis, deliciously cooked eye fillet, lavender white chocolate crème Brule and so much more for our guests to choose from.



Darlene and her fiancé Roland were having a fantastic time during dinner, as they also excitedly await their big wedding that is arriving this upcoming May. They toasted to a fantastic night, and to an even more wonderful future together. Darlene also said, “I’ve had such a wonderful night. The food has been delightful and I love the set-up. This is our third Valentine’s Day at The Golden Ox this year, we love the reds and the candles. Very romantic.”


“The shrimp martinis are absolutely divine, and we are so glad we chose them, even though the oysters were tempting too. The food is gorgeous and we’re so glad we came here for Valentine’s Dinner.”



It was wonderful to see such warm smiling faces surrounding us, who were so full of love and appreciation for their significant others and loved ones. We felt honoured to be a part of bringing that love into one place, and allowing couples to come together and bond over another new experience.



The night was fabulous, as you could feel the love and affection within the room. Everybody was showing their mutual affection and appreciation for each other over some great company and some delicious food, and being a part of such unions allow Nick and Virginia to remember why they’ve been doing this for 39 years.