The ‘non-snobs’ guide to a wine degustation

The ‘non-snobs’ guide to a wine degustation

Hands up if you LOVE wine, but are still a bit confused about what exactly a ‘wine degustation’ is? More importantly, is it for you? As a ‘non-snob’… you know, a regular non-sniffing and non-swilling, every-day wine drinker… you might feel a little bit hesitant about partaking in such a ‘foodie event’.

Well, pftt to all that! We are here to tell you why you ABSOLUTELY should book a wine degustation today, and put all your preconceived ideas aside!

In ‘lifting the lid’ on wine degustations we will let you in on a little secret… it’s not all about upper-crust connotations and high society luncheons. In essence, a wine degustation is all about taking your love of food and wine to the next level. And, there isn’t a soul on this planet that should ever feel excluded from that experience!

Yes, a wine degustation is all about ENJOYING YOURSELF. Yes, that’s right… you ‘non-snobs’ can rejoice! And, if you are already a seasoned ‘wine degustee’, then you will likely understand this more than anyone else.

Whilst a wine degustation is often formally referred to as ‘the art of being able to note the various differences between different types of wine’, it’s never such a cold and clinical experience. It’s all about savoring ‘the nectar of the gods’….right down to the VERY last drop!

And, did we mention the food? A wine degustation is no less than a ‘culinary symphony’. A tango of liquid love and moreish morsels; it’s an enveloping exposition for all the senses!

So, what can you expect at a typical wine degustation? We spoke with Nick Tzimas, owner of The Golden Ox restaurant and function centre in Margate, Brisbane. A 5-course wine degustation dinner at his establishment features a selection of Australian seafood perfectly paired with five fantastic Australian ‘Accolade’ wines.

“Our wine degustations are all about celebrating a love of food and wine, and also a bit of education into the mix. It’s about enjoying some good food, relaxing and taking a moment to enjoy a fantastic experience with friends, having a laugh and an all-around amazing time”, Tzimas says.

For those that do want to learn a bit more about wines, the event will feature State Key Account Manager from Accolade Wines, Nic Hoffman. He will be discussing each of the wines he has selected, based on why they match the dishes so perfectly.

You can expect an array of dishes, starting with a bubbly Croser Vintage paired with a Moreton Bay Bug Salad. This will lead into a stunning Petaluma rose matched to a Seared Blue Fin Tuna. And, that’s just the start of a scintillating five courses in total!

Of course, there are many wine degustations on offer around Australia, offered at restaurants, vineyards and cellar doors and major events (some top examples include Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine Toowoomba, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and the Lake Macquarie Food & Wine Festival).

We hope you have enjoyed our ‘non-snobs’ guide to a wine degustation, and we hope you enjoy the experience even more!