Snapper Casablanca

Snapper Casablanca

12bNew to our spring menu is our appetizing and delectable snapper Casablanca. We only use the freshest Goldband snapper in our dishes, a sought-after breed of fish that usually inhabits deep tropical and sub-tropical waters off the coast of Queensland.

These fish prefer to swim around underwater structures, and to catch them consistently, offshore anglers must know the particular areas of reef, gravel or broken rocks they inhabit. Fishers usually use hooks baited with squid, pilchards or cuttlefish. The greatest catches are made during early winter, from April to June.

Goldband snapper comes in many sizes, making them very versatile. The fish is prized for its delicate mild flavour, low oiliness and moist, firm flesh with large flakes and few bones. It is excellent as a buffet piece, whole, filleted or cutlets and is superb smoked. This fish is of a superior quality to other breeds and is used in a greater variety of creations.

Here at The Golden Ox, our snapper comes fresh from Moreton Bay fisheries. Buying local seafood helps reduce our carbon footprint, as it doesn’t require the long distance transportation and long refrigeration times found in imported seafood, as well as helping to maintain fish habitats, healthy fish populations, and clean waters. We cook our fish to perfection, poaching it in preserved lemon and saffron, then serving it with braised leek and fennel, lemon labneh and spinach.

Looking for the perfect wine to complement this delicious dish? Young, delicate riesling wines, or even some of the more fragile sparkling styles, such as a chardonnay bubbly, are suitable accompaniments for tropical snapper with their mild to medium flavour and moist, firm flesh.