Meet Our Head Chef

Meet Our Head Chef

Behind every successful restaurant is a talented chef with a love affair for food, an eye for detail and a passion for the presentation of their creations. Head Chef Peter Tzimas provides the key ingredient in the secret sauce that has made The Golden Ox a distinguished icon in not only Redcliffe but across the entire North Side.

Peter is fourth generation in the hospitality industry and has had the opportunity to work in all facets of The Golden Ox including bar manager, front of house and events coordinator. Having shown a gifting and passion for cooking he took over as Head Chef in 2010 and excelled in the art of culinary creation and was able to push his knowledge of preparation and presentation to even greater heights.  His creativity, organisational skills and understanding of complex cooking techniques are all part of the ingredients necessary to create a multi-award winning establishment.

“I’ve been head chef for about a year and a half,” Peter said. “I observed kitchen operations from when I was very young, and for my entire life cooking has been in the blood.” Peter is a perfectionist and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a rare skill in balancing a myriad of tastes and creating new dishes. Peter combined this knowledge with his passion for Australian flavours and uses it to create fantastic menus for The Golden Ox on a regular basis. Today, he excels in delivering innovative Australian food with a style and taste designed for sustained success. His knowledge of contemporary cuisine ensures The Golden Ox menus continue to evolve and incorporate new and interesting dishes while still retaining a classic feel. “Some old favourites never change on the menu,” Peter said, “we adjust them a little bit, and build around its existing flavours. Everyone contributes to the cooking process, and it’ my job to put the pieces together. It’s important to have a balanced menu as well as giving it that ‘wow’ factor.”

Where would a good chef be without an exceptional team alongside him? Award winning Chef de Cuisine Shannon Farmer and apprentice chef Cody Salder are part of the food preparation and the experimentation process, along with so many others. Each brings their own personal styles and skills to the table.

“Apart from cooking good food, I love working with the team”, Peter said, “we are very close and we depend on each other.”