Hervey Bay Scallops

Hervey Bay Scallops

09For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to sample this prized shellfish, scallops are molluscs which dwell on the bottom of the sea. They have a sweet, delicate meat that is firm in texture and they consist of two parts – a large white muscle and an orange roe, both of which can be eaten.

Many will recognise them by their characteristic half shell. Interestingly, the scallop’s shell has been used as a symbol in a variety of different contexts for centuries. The shell has been used as the traditional emblem of Saint James, is the symbol for fertility alongside the Roman goddess Venus as well as the official logo for the Shell oil company.

In Australia, there are two main species of scallop. The Commercial scallop is found in South Australia, while the Hervey Bay scallops, otherwise known as saucer scallops, have a smoother, rounder shell, and are especially popular in Northern Australia and Queensland.

Scallops on the half shell can be steamed with Asian flavours or grilled with butter or a lemon and herb crumb, while off shell scallops are best briefly grilled, fried or barbequed. Very fresh scallops can be eaten raw as sashimi.

Here at The Golden Ox at The Redcliffe Peninsula, our famous Hervey Bay Scallops are renowned for their freshness, texture and taste. Currently served with capsicum tomato salsa, rocket, crouton salad and basil oil, nothing says summer like this fresh seafood treat.