Happy to Accommodate

Happy to Accommodate

It is not uncommon to go out for a meal these days with at least one companion who has special dietary needs.

In fact, it’s quite the norm — and if you flick through our new autumn menu, you’ll see it’s a scenario head chef Peter Tzimas is well aware of.

Whether it’s an intolerance to gluten or dairy or a preference for vegetarian or vegan dishes, guests with special dietary needs will feel welcome at The Golden Ox.

Every course has a delicious selection of gluten-free (GF) and vegetarian (V) dishes and many are naturally dairy-free.

“We have the ingredients to change dishes if there’s a need,’’ Peter says.

Tasty (GF) starters include porcini dusted marinated mushrooms, ginger and coriander-marinated chicken strips and cumin-salted beef koftas with capsicum relish.

There’s an exciting array of suitable entrees including garlic prawns and Galliano bugs, veal fillet with lemon garlic risotto and a dazzling wild mushroom risotto, already a favourite on the autumn menu.

Peter’s selection of (GF) main courses is equally impressive, with a superb range of seafood and poultry choices.

There are also (V) choices available at every course and of those, some can be adjusted to become suitable for vegans, who avoid not only meat and fish but animal products including dairy and eggs.

Vegetarians could start with focaccia with caramelised onion and rosemary butter, move on to crumbed feta-filled green olives with Turkish bread and enjoy an entree of ricotta ravioli or Mediterranean linguini featuring semi-dried tomatoes, olives, spinach, tomato and basil sauce with shaved Parmesan. Vegans, ask your waiter to hold the Parmesan.

The linguini is also available as a main, as is the wild mushroom risotto.

So, what about desserts? (GF) guests can choose from creme caramel — a house favourite — and seasonal fresh fruit with sorbet (also a hit with vegans and those who avoid dairy).

All eight desserts are suitable for vegetarians.

Peter said he put much thought into creating menus to accommodate guests with dietary needs.

“Every chef has to be aware,’’ Peter says.

“The Golden Ox has always offered gluten-free and vegetarian dishes and we can adjust other dishes if there’s a need.’’

His efforts have not gone unnoticed, with (GF) and (V) guests telling us they’re thrilled with the variety of delicious dishes available to them.

Dining out is a wonderful treat and The Golden Ox owners Nick and Virginia Tzimas believe everyone — regardless of their dietary needs — deserves to enjoy the experience.








VIBRANT FLAVOURS: Our Mediterranean linguini, with semi-dried tomatoes, olives, confit shallots, spinach and a tomato and basil sauce with shaved Parmesan is an exciting dish vegetarian guests will love.