Fun and Fabulous Food Stations

Fun and Fabulous Food Stations

This week, we explore the endless opportunities of food stations.

Food stations are an innovative, interactive, modern and informal way to enjoy exciting new flavours from around the world. Guaranteed to spark plenty of interest, they encourage guests to mingle and have plenty of fun. So how do they work?

Stations with different food themes are set up, allowing guests to wander around and help themselves. Examples of themes include Japanese, antipasto, seafood, Mediterranean, ice cream or gelato and vintage sweets. The variety gives guests the chance to sample foods they might otherwise never try.

Dishes within food stations are usually presented with flair to create that “wow” factor. Here, presentation is as important as the actual food. Unlike buffets where guests are tempted to heap food on to their plates, food stations offer delicacies on small, appetiser-size china so guests are encouraged to take just “bites” of various foods and then return to socialising.

Another benefit of food stations, or food bars, is they eliminate long queues that may occur at some wedding buffets. This is because the food is already beautifully plated and creatively arranged around the venue. Less time queuing means guests have more time to socialise, which makes for a more fun and memorable reception!

The choices are endless and you can have plenty of fun choosing themes to reflect your tastes, heritage or anything else of significance. Guests will not only appreciate a variety of selections but the chance to experience a style of eating that is new and exciting.

So far in our series, we have discussed cocktail-style receptions; sit-down, plated affairs; buffets and food stations.

Next week, we conclude by looking at other issues you need to consider when planning your wedding menu.