From the Pacific to Your Plate: The Origins Behind Our Oysters

From the Pacific to Your Plate: The Origins Behind Our Oysters

tasmanian_oystersHere at The Golden Ox on the Redcliffe Peninsula our spectacular seafood platters play host to a number of delicious and fresh ocean dwelling delicacies, from our tempting pacific oysters to our magnificent black mussels and so much more.

Oysters have been a favourite of food lovers throughout the centuries, and have maintained a timeless mystique throughout their fascinating history. These humble molluscs have had a profound impact on the world – in Greek mythology, Aphodite, the goddess of love, sprang forth from an oyster shell, and Roman emperors would pay for them by their weight in gold.

Ordering oysters is not as simple as it used to be. These days, oyster connoisseurs can pick from dozens of different types sourced from all over the world. Wellfleets are prized in New England, New Yorkers love their Blue Points, and Kumamotos are king on the West Coast. Australia’s favourite oyster, the Pacific oyster, is endemic to Japan, but has been introduced in large numbers in other countries outside their natural range and has fast become the world’s most cultivated oyster.

However they are prepared, oysters are popular for their delicate, nutty flavour and briny tang. The secret to preparing great oysters is simplicity itself. Enjoy them raw on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon juice, a bit of wine vinegar or a few drops of Tabasco sauce or chilled vodka. They are also excellent poached in their own juice, fried in batter, baked or turned into a soup.

Not only can you share them with friends with our impressive seafood platters, but we also serve them natural and Kilpatrick. You will also be sure to enjoy our exquisite oyster harajuku, served with ponzu vinaigrette, nori rolls, wasabi and yuzu mayonnaise.