Easter in Australia

Easter in Australia

imagesFor most Australians, the Easter Saturday holiday falls during the four-day weekend at Easter. Many people use the opportunity to take a short vacation, and others go shopping or spend time with their families. The Easter holiday, particularly Easter Saturday, is also a popular time for christenings and weddings.

Easter Sunday is a very important day for Christians, since the resurrection of Christ reflects a central idea in Christianity. Many Christians attend special church services even if they do not attend services regularly during the rest of the year. For non-religious people and followers of other faiths, the four-day Easter weekend is a welcome break and a chance to enjoy a range of sporting and cultural events.

Also on Easter Sunday, many people receive or search for Easter eggs. These are egg-shaped and made from chocolate, candy or are decorated hens’ or plastic eggs. They are often covered in brightly coloured foil or decorated with images of rabbits or chicks. Many community groups and some families organize Easter egg hunts in parks or gardens, looking for creative ways of hiding the chocolate treats. These are family events, usually aimed at young children, but even adults can enjoy them!

While out shopping, people may choose to buy a chocolate bilby, rather than a bunny, as a present. This is because rabbits, or bunnies, are seen as pests, which have cost Australian farmers a lot of money and damaged many landscapes. The bilby is a small mammal with large ears that is native to Australia. Recently, there has been a move to replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby. For some, it is now the Easter bilby that brings chocolate and decorated eggs to children on an Easter Sunday morning. Chocolate models of the Easter bilby are sold to raise money to help preserve the bilby population.

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