And finally, remember…

And finally, remember…

In the final instalment of our five-part series on planning a wedding menu, we offer other essential tips geared towards making your day a success.

Try to book your reception venue as soon as you set the date. The best chefs and restaurants are often reserved a year in advance, especially for popular times.

While you and your chef will discuss menu ideas early on, you generally have until much later to finalise the details. Many chefs don’t need to know exactly what you’ll be serving until six to eight weeks before the wedding. Of course, for your own peace of mind, you’ll want to make your decision sooner than that.

When selecting your restaurant and chef, you want stunning presentation paired with sensational taste.

It’s important to pay attention to taste and colour, which plays a huge role in appetite.

It’s also thoughtful and respectful to consider guests who are vegetarian and those who have allergies or intolerances and have to avoid gluten or dairy, for example. Allergies can be very dangerous so it’s important you choose a restaurant whose chefs take this seriously.

So, once you decide on the type of reception, how do you choose which dishes to serve?

Start by thinking about what you love to eat. Think about foods with special significance. Your wedding is an opportunity to share something intimate with your guests. Maybe your combined culinary heritage or the fact you had your first date over sushi.

But remember, your guests’ tastes might not be as adventurous as your own. If your family and friends have conservative palates, you might want to limit the more exotic foods to hors d’oeuvres. Your chef will also offer suggestions and should help you choose flavours that go well together.

The menu is one of the highlights of a wedding day so take time planning yours.

And have fun!